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some of the facts proving that Michael is still alive...


The autopsy

The body that was presented at the UCLA Emergency Room, on June 25, 2009, was not Michael Jackson's body.  (1) There was no evidence of the severe burn that Michael had received, on top of his head, back in 1984, while filming a Pepsi commercial, or the subsequent reconstructive surgeries that he had, to repair that damage.  (2) There were no fractures in the right foot, but it is known that Michael had fractured two bones in his foot, in early 2001.  (3) There were no drugs in the body to treat lupus, but it is known that Michael had lupus. (4) The lungs in the autopsied body weighed two and a half times what they should have weighed, due to the large amount of scar tissue and blood inside of them.  That body had a very serious and long-standing lung disease, which would have caused that person to be coughing all the time, and gasping for breath, just walking across the room. Those were not the lungs of a man who was singing and dancing every day, and working out, several times a week, with Lou Ferrigno, like Michael was; nor were they the same lungs that Dr. Slavit had examined, four months earlier, during Michael's physical. In fact, the autopsied body was never proven to be Michael Jackson, by either fingerprints or DNA.  (A second autopsy, done by the family, had DNA analysis, but the results are secret.)  The coroner's report only stated that the body looked like the photo on Michael Jackson's driver's license.  Also, the autopsied body shown in the photo at the trial was much thinner than Michael, and much thinner than the alleged photo of Michael on the gurney, which was photoshopped. (The photo that was supposedly taken through the window of the ambulance was also photoshopped.) Amazingly, at Dr. Murray's trial, when the verdict was read, it referred to the dead person as being the "alleged" Michael Jackson.


The decoy

Someone did die on June 25, 2009. So who was it?  It was one of the many decoys that Michael had used, during his lifetime.  He had hired many men who looked like him, and he used them to distract the paparazzi, the media, and his fans, so that he could privately go where he wanted to go. Some of those decoys underwent surgical procedures, and got tattoos, to look even more like him. Michael also taught them how to walk like he walked, talk like he talked, and dress like he dressed.  One of his decoys became very ill, with a fatal lung disease, which may have been Alpha-1. (Ian Halperin wrote about this, in his book about Michael.)  Some people believe that this decoy was Dimitrie Draghicescu; other people claim it was a man whose first name was Derek.  Michael had actually kept that ill man hidden, in a bedroom at his house on Carolwood Drive, and Dr. Murray took care of him. The door to that room was always locked, and nobody went in there, except Michael and Dr. Murray.  The decoy had agreed to Michael's plan, to die on June 25, 2009, because he was going to die soon anyway. (He was on oxygen, the last few months of his life; he was the one who needed all of those oxygen tanks. Dr. Murray brought the empty tanks downstairs, and he took the full ones upstairs.) On the evening of June 24, 2009, just before Michael left the rehearsal, he told Kenny Ortega, "The illusion starts tomorrow." When Michael got home from the rehearsal, he put on a disguise, and then he went down to the garage, got into a car, and simply drove away, to a house that he had already purchased (under a fake name), probably in Las Vegas. He has been living as a recluse, ever since then; he uses a disguise, whenever he has to go out in public. There are some people who believe, and hope, that Michael will "be coming back" someday, however, he is never "coming back." 


9,282 days

Michael was born on August 29, 1958. In his twenties and thirties, he was a spokesperson for Pepsi-Cola. In 1983, Michael and his brothers signed a $5 million endorsement deal with Pepsi. On January 27, 1984, while Michael was filming a commercial for Pepsi, his hair accidentally caught on fire, when some fireworks went off too soon, while he was walking down some stairs. It caused a large and very painful 2nd and 3rd degree burn on his scalp, on the crown of his head. The burn was about five inches in diameter. This sudden and horrific incident truly frightened him, and changed his life.  Over the next few years, he underwent several surgeries that had extremely painful recovery periods, in an attempt to repair the damage, and to cover up the large scar. He also suffered from terrible migraine headaches, as a result of the burn and all the surgeries. He endured incredible pain, for many years, and he became addicted to the painkillers that he had been given. However, he recovered from that addiction, in 1993, after going to rehabilitation, in London, at the urging of his dear friend Elizabeth Taylor. is incredibly curious that there are exactly 9,282 days, in between his date of birth and the date that he was burned, and exactly 9,282 days, in between the date that he was burned and the date that he "died." How could that possibly be just a coincidence? It is suspected that Michael had planned his "death," many years before 2009, and that he had also specifically chosen the date of June 25, 2009, in order to leave this important clue, for anyone who happened to be looking into his "death." (Pepsi settled out-of-court with Michael, for that terrible accident in 1984, for $1.5 million, which he then donated to charity.  In 1986, Michael signed a 2-year, $50 million contract with Pepsi, which was the largest personal endorsement deal in history.)

Aspects about Michael's life that everyone should know...


He was not a pedophile

Michael never touched a child in a sexual manner. The accusations that he was a pedophile were started around 1993, by people who were trying to destroy his career, bankrupt him, and destroy his life. Prior to that, they had planted bizarre stories in the tabloids, trying to do the same thing. But that plan had backfired, because those bizarre stories only made people more curious about Michael. So that's when the tabloid campaign turned to pedophilia. Michael was not a pedophile, and he also was not gay. He was only attracted to adult women, and he was only intimate with adult women. This has been confirmed by people who actually knew Michael, and who had actually spent a great deal of time with him. In fact, he had several girlfriends, over the years, and he had been in love a few times. He was also married twice. However, there have been many people who have been offered money, to lie, and to say that Michael was a pedophile. This became apparent, in the 2005 trial, in which Michael was falsely accused of molesting a young boy. Every witness who claimed that Michael did it, was proven to be lying, under cross examination. Michael was found innocent, of all ten charges, by every member of the jury, but yet, the pedophile lies continued. The media kept saying that he "got off," because of his money and his fame, "just like O.J. did." That was why Michael left the U.S., five days after the trial ended, and moved to Bahrain. He just couldn't take the lies and the hate any longer, and he certainly didn't want his young children to be subjected to it either.


"This Is It"

Why were the concerts scheduled for the O2 Arena, in London? Why weren't they scheduled for the Staples Center, in L.A., where most of the rehearsals were held? AEG owned both venues, and they both held 21,000 people. Why did AEG want to spend millions of dollars, and go to all that trouble, to transport all that equipment, and all those people, over to London, and then keep all those people in London for over a year? Why didn't Dr. Murray have his medical license registered in London, as required by law? During the rehearsals for "This Is It," there was never a "full dress" rehearsal, or a full "run-through" of the entire show. For his previous concert tours, Michael would rehearse for six months or more, and he was intensely involved in every detail, every day. But for the "This Is It" tour, there were only twelve weeks of rehearsal, and Michael was not as engaged as he used to be. In fact, he often didn't show up for rehearsal, and when he did show up, he was usually hours late. He wore sunglasses during the rehearsals, which he had never done before, and which prevented him from knowing if the lighting was right. A few days before June 25, 2009, AEG started filming the rehearsals. In the fall of 2009, they released a movie titled, "This is It," which contained this footage. But there was no mention in the movie that Michael had died, or even a memorial to him, such as, "In Memory of Michael Jackson." Michael was not even listed as a producer, yet John Branca and Frank DiLeo were; they had been asked to join the project, just eight days before Michael "died." It was all so strange.


His charitable donations

During his amazing career, Michael donated more than $500 million to a large number of charities, hospitals, and other worthy causes, all across the world. He either donated the money directly, or he raised it through his songs and concerts. No other entertainer in history has ever contributed anywhere near that amount of money to charity. In addition, Michael spent thousands of hours, in hospitals, visiting sick children, as well as hosting sick children and disadvantaged children, and their families, at his home, at Neverland Ranch. Most people are familiar with his 1991 song, "Heal the World," which he developed into the "Heal the World Foundation." He donated millions to that foundation, which helped countless people and charities. In 1993, he donated all of the profits from his "Dangerous Tour," and his $1 million fee for performing at the Super Bowl that year, to that foundation. Before that, back in 1984, he had donated $7 million from his "Victory Tour," to charity. And in 1985, Michael raised $63 million to fight famine in Africa, with his song, "We Are the World." The entire list of his charitable donations, humanitarian work, and private donations, is simply too extensive to be included here. Sadly, the media rarely reported on Michael's philanthropy; they were too busy trying to mock him and destroy him. Many of Michael's songs promoted kindness, compassion, humanitarianism, and world peace. Michael truly was a remarkable person, and his many years of charitable donations and humanitarian work should never be forgotten.


The music catalog

Back on August 10, 1985, Michael bought the ATV Music Catalog, from the Associated Communications Corporation, which was owned by an Australian businessman named Robert Holmes à Court. Michael paid $47.5 million for the catalog. That sounds like a lot of money, but it really was a brilliant investment. Most music catalogs are extremely valuable, because they are so profitable. They contain an enormous library of copywritten songs, by various artists, and every time one of those songs is played (on the radio, on tv, in a movie, etc.), the owner of the catalog receives a payment (a royalty). The ATV Music Catalog contained about 4,000 songs, and it was particularly valuable, because it included most of the songs by the Beatles, except for the song, "Penny Lane." (Mr. Holmes à Court gave that song to his daughter, because it was her favorite.) The Beatles had been offered the first option to buy the catalog, but none of them were interested, because they said it was just too expensive. But Michael recognized the long-term value of the catalog, and he probably wanted that investment for his retirement.  By 1995, however, Michael was in financial trouble, and he was forced to sell half of his interest in the catalog. He sold it for $110 million, to Sony. (Michael's songs were not in that catalog.) The catalog then became known as the Sony/ATV Music Publishing Catalog. The catalog began to acquire thousands of additional songs, which substantially increased its value. At some point after that, Sony wanted to buy the remaining half of the catalog, but Michael refused to sell it.  After Michael “died,” in 2009, his ex-attorney, John Branca, became the executor of his estate. (Michael had fired Mr. Branca, back in 2003.)  In 2016, Mr. Branca sold Michael’s remaining half of the music catalog to Sony, for $750 million. Some people questioned that, because Michael’s estate was already making an enormous amount of money, and they thought that it really didn't need to sell it. The Sony/ATV Music Catalog now contains over 4 million songs, and it is estimated to be worth more than $2.5 billion.


So many awards

Michael received over 800 awards, during his career, which was far more than any other artist has ever received, in the history of music. Here are just a few of his awards. He won 13 Grammy Awards, The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, The Grammy Legend Award, and five of his recordings were inducted into The Grammy Hall of Fame.  In 1973, he won a Golden Globe Award for "Best Original Song," for his song, “Ben.” He also received 2 Primetime Emmy Awards. He won 26 World Music Awards, 26 American Music Awards, 19 Billboard Music Awards, 9 People’s Choice Awards, 28 MTV Awards, and 29 NAACP Awards. In 1989, Entertainment Tonight awarded him the “Most Important Entertainer of the Decade." He was inducted into The Hollywood Walk of Fame, twice; once as a member of The Jacksons, and once as a solo artist. He was also inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, twice; one as a member of The Jackson 5, and once as a solo artist. He was inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame, and The National Museum of Dance Hall of Fame, as well.  He earned 39 Guinness World Records, and he was awarded the “Keys to the City,” in 12 cities.  In 1984, he received an award from President Ronald Reagan, at the White House, for donating his song, “Beat It,” for a commercial against drunk driving. In 1990, President George H.W. Bush also invited him to the White House, where he recognized him as the “Artist of the Decade.” Two years later, President Bush presented Michael with another award as a “Point of Light Ambassador,” for inviting disadvantaged children to the Neverland Ranch. (Michael was the only person who ever received this award.)  In 1995, Michael was the first recipient of the VH1 International Honors Award, for his humanitarian work. During his career, Michael produced 14 number-one singles, which was more than any other male artist has ever done, and it is estimated that he sold over 350 million records, which makes him one of the best-selling artists in music history.  


Michael's life

There has always been so much misinformation and outright lies told about Michael, that it is difficult to know what is true. It seems that anyone who even remotely knew him was paid to say untrue things about him, or they sued him. Even strangers sued him. Michael was obviously a very smart man, and an incredibly creative and talented artist. He was the greatest entertainer that the world has ever seen...from his brilliant and prolific songwriting, to his angelic voice, to his astonishing dancing skills, to his innovative choreography, to his unique film production, nobody else even comes close. In addition, he could draw and paint, like a professional artist. It seems like there was nothing that Michael couldn't do, and do extremely well. He was very professional, in everything that he did. He was also a perfectionist, and he took enormous pride in his work. He was always a gentleman, and always polite. He was classy and elegant, and yet, at the same time, he was also shy and humble. He loved to laugh and he loved to have fun. He also enjoyed playing pranks on his friends, and wearing disguises. He had a great sense of humor, and he was very funny. But yet, he was also very lonely. Because of his enormous fame, nobody treated him like a regular person, which made him feel very alone. Many people said he was eccentric, because he had a pet chimpanzee, had plastic surgery done, etc. However, all genius-level people often do unusual things.  Michael worked so hard, all of his life, but most of the people around him stole his money and his belongings, used him for his fame, lied to him, cheated him, and betrayed him. They took advantage of his kindness, and then they spoke badly about him. His siblings and his parents treated him as if he owed them something. Ever since Michael was five years old, he had supported most of them, but yet, no matter how much money he gave them, they wanted more. All Michael ever wanted was to have someone who was "on his side." He wanted a spouse, some children, and to just live in peace. Isn't that what we all want?



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